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Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to make Toe Thongs Foot Jewelry Video!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Supplies needed to make a pair of toe thongs:

1.)  2 Elastic cord approx. 36 inches
2.)  135 Seed beads 11mm or 15 mm
3.)  Beads size 4mm
4.)  2 Beading Needles
5.)  10 Metal Findings
6.)  Jewelry Glue
7.)  Bead Board

Step 1:
Start with your bead board or a piece of felt to lay out your design.  Laying out your design will save you time when you start beading.

Step 2:
Start by taking the elastic cord and wrap it around your toe next to your big toe. Then criss cross the elastic cord over the front of foot then  wrap around the ankle and add an extra 2 inches then cut the elastic cord. Use this elastic cord to cut your next cord.  Now you have your two elastic cords fitted for your foot size.

Step 3:
Take the elastic cord and bead through at least 60 to 65 seed beads. . Take your cord and move the seed beads to the middle of the cord and bring the two ends together. Connect both ends of cord to needle then bead through a size 4mm bead. This will form your toe loop.

Step 4:
From  your design on the bead board bead the middle piece. Make sure you thread the beads through both elastic cords. The middle design should not be any 3.5" for most sizes.  For larger foot size you will need 4".

 Step 5:
Once your middle piece is complete separate the elastic cord and put a beading needle on the end of both elastic cords.  Now start to bead each side to complete the toe thong.   Before you put the knot in it's best to try toe thong on to make sure you have enough beads for around the ankle.  Now your ready to put 2 knots in and then use a good quality jewelry glue to seal the knot,  cut off excess elastic cord.  Now you have your first toe thong and ready to make your second one.